Successful Growth Through Customer Focused Business Strategies & Tactics

Brett Patten - Customer Experience Development Consultant

Brett Patten, The President of Five-Star, and creator of  Achieving Customer Happiness.

“Success is all about possessing and executing effective customer focused business strategies, that positively influence every aspect of the business”

Brett Pattens’ background in Customer Experience Development and as founding owner of a highly successful hospitality driven brand gave rise to his immersion into improving hospitality business models and strategies. His experiences suggested that his business processes and strategic approach were accurate. He proved it repeatedly throughout his 35-plus year career of producing tangible results as a hospitality executive, and one of the top expert on customer/guest experience in the hospitality industry.
He discovered that by creating a culture of customer experience leadership, that organization and employees, as well as customers responded positively with a high level of loyalty towards the business. It created a strong emotional bond between your people, your customers and your brand for achieving strong financial results.

Starting this process takes focus on these key areas:

  1. Steadfast Leadership Commitment for a customer focused value proposition
  2. Customer focused foundation principles
  3. Business Culture alignment for achieving customer happiness
  4. Customer Experience focused business Strategies in each discipline of the business
  5. Brand  promise and values alignment with the customer experience position
  6. Proactively managing  Customer Expectations
  7.  Service Excellence alignment with the customer experience initiative
  8.  Concept Design that connects with customer experience innovation
  9.  Management Systems focused on customer experience processes, and quality assurances

A New Approach 

Brett felt the need to build a unique special system to help  leadership and management bridge the gap between the business and its customers. Therefore has created a unique systematic approach to the craft: This Business Coaching Solution, as well as personalize communication strategies and tactics in the Achieving Customer Happiness initiative. Brett uses a customer experience focus business platform for establishing organizational engagement in the business development. For senior leadership and management as well as high potential candidate development.

Read what the Small Business Association says about Customer Experience Design.


Simple Steps


"The closer you get to the source, the closer you are to the solution."
Brett L. Patten