Achieving Customer Happiness

We nourish sustainable growth by building a competitive advantage, that results in increased brand loyalty.

Businesses struggle to deliver minimal “good experiences” and foolishly continue to expect loyalty in return. We exist to ensure that you deliver “exceptional and memorable” through Customer/Guest Experience strategic and tactical approaches.  It starts with a high level of customer awareness and understanding the impact, the total customer experience can have on your businesses ability to maximize the total yield of the guest stay, and in the way guest can connect to your business, and more importantly how you connect to your guests. The key to success is managing the guest experience you want your guest to receive throughout the engagement with your business. So you can intuitively design and operate your business in way that your guests are positively impacted by those processes for managing and exceeding their expectations, and your bottom line. 

Achieving Customer Happiness is are signature service, that we provide to help your brand grow and ensure your customer experience is beyond satisfactory for achieving strong financial performance, and increase brand loyalty.

Achieving Customer Happiness Businesses Results

  • Improving online hotel rankings, for stronger ADR  & occupancy performance.
  • Converting customer usage, into customer and brand loyalty.
  • Elevating customer retention.
  • Improved marketing ROI.
  • Reducing the dependence with OTA’s.
  • Improving customer acquisition cost.
  • Maintaining sustainable competitive advantage, over the competition.
  • Improving direct booking percentages.
  • Stronger employee engagement in delivering a more personalized guest experience.


The difference maker: We have developed personalize communication strategies and tactics, for ensuring stronger customer/guest experience connectivity. This process is called, “Achieving Customer Happiness” We do not suggest a plan and leave you to implement it in the dark. Instead, we offer total white glove implementation of the program. By first identify the gaps in the guest journey, and the overall brand experience. Then set strategic action plan and guidance toward establishing a more personalized guest experience outcomes.

  • Pinpoint the drivers of ROE/return on experience, for improving ROI.
  • Establishing a sustainable competitive advantage, through a customer value proposition.
  • Strategically incorporating a business gifting tactics into the arrival stage, the stay, and the departure of the guest visit.
  • Personalizing the leadership, management and organizational communications of the business.
  • Customer happiness in-house certification mandate of the entire organization.
  • Personalized customer communication technologies deployment.

At Five-Star Customer Experience Design;

We are acutely aware of this statistic: “It is estimated that 70% of the attempts at change within an organization fail”.  The reason is that leadership ideas are rarely taken up in the spirit in which they were intended i.e. lack organizational buy-in. With our extensive background in organizational coaching in the delivery of our signature system, Achieving Customer Happiness, we make it a very tangible and effective process for creating organizational buy-in on the customer experience initiatives.


Customer Experience Design

The President and Lead customer experience design specialist , Brett Patten, has a 35-year of experience in the hospitality industry, as an executive and has dedicated the last 16+ years to customer experience design development for the hospitality industry. He has created award-winning hospitality brand businesses that rely on delivering exemplary customer experience excellence. Brett has successfully studied and created atmospheres about which people continue to speak positively for years. With his professional Customer Experience Design techniques, we can help your business grow immediately and efficiently.


Simple Process


"The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."
Albert Einstein