Strategic Game Plan

Achieving Customer Happiness Playbook.

  1. Brand loyalty analysis: An intense evaluation of the brand equity dynamics of the hospitality enterprise. With a specifically focus on each individual property location.
  2. Customer/Guest experience developmental processes: Developing business discipline alignment with customer/guest focused strategies and initiatives.
  3. Personalized communication concepts: Creating customer/guest engagement strategies and tactics, through personalizing the brand and business experience from the pre-arrival- arrival- departure.
  4. Business gifting: A customer experience brand anchor. That connects to all the senses of the customer.
  5. Mobile technology communication applications: Creating a digital connection with the guest during their visit. For supporting the customer happiness initiatives in developing a more personalized customer/guest experience. Also developing stronger promoting of the hotels amenities and services.
  6. Achieving Customer Happiness in-house certification workshops: Achieving customer happiness workshop series for creating awareness, responsibility, and accountability for the customer/guest experience delivery.

Learning modules can start at any level of the organization: ownership and executive level, management, high potential individuals.

Customized Introductory Sessions at Various Levels

  • Process Modeling I –  An Introduction  – This introductory workshop might take up a lunch hour, half day, or full day. You decide what fits.
  • Process Modeling II – Individual or Small Group Instructional Workshop Series –  If you like what you or your people have gained from the introductory workshop, you may want to move forward to a higher level and move advanced leadership development series that will include an assessment with reporting matrix that is quantifiable, measurable, and track-able.
  • Process Modeling III – Coaching and Mentoring – This is an introduction to more intense one-on-one training. It is designed to start with the top leadership positions who may need third party assessment and feedback. This is designed to cut through unseen corporate prejudices to improve relationships and service delivery.

Proceed to more advanced modules – Strategic Development.

Simple Steps


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