Keynotes & Workshops

Envision being able to bring an expert in, on the subject of Brand loyalty development, Customer/Guest experience strategic engineering, and Customer retention development to your next event. Further imagine that this expert, create such an interactive presentation, tailored to engage the event participants in such a way that it generates, tremendous value back to your enterprise, members and associates. Brett Patten has been working with a event planners, heads of business associations in the hospitality, lodging and tourism industries like yourself, for quite some time now. In that time he has come to realize that his job is not just to share best practices from his work, but also to help you be successful with all aspects of your event experience. Brett uniquely designs each speaking engagement to meet your needs and can affect value by conducting workshops, and breakout sessions in addition to keynote speeches.

Meaningful, emotional, and desirable – those are the traits that cause people to engage with any concept, person, or corporation. Today, profits are increasingly driven by people’s perceived feelings about their business and brand experiences. Strategically managing the customer/guest experience journey, will lead to stronger understanding by your customers and that translates into trust, forgiveness and eventually happiness towards the business location or brand.

When it comes to delivering speaking events to the Hospitality, Lodging and Tourism industries,  Brett has spoken on the subject of Achieving Customer Happiness through the perspective of customer/guest experience strategic design.

Key touching points on, Achieving Customer Happiness speaking events and breakout workshops.

  • Discover the major components, for strategically developing customer happiness.
  • Recognize the behaviors and characteristics of a customer focused business model.
  • Generate action steps to improve strategic and tactical customer experience engagement processes.

When it comes to delivering speaking events to the travel and tourism industries, Brett has spoken on the subject of developing travel destination excellence. Which touches on the developmental approach of achieving a competitive advantage through customer experience business platform. That achieves a strong marketing ROI, through ROE, Return On the total travel destination Experience.

Businesses that would benefit from keynote speaking engagement

  • State and local tourism bureaus
  • Convention and conference bureaus
  • Restaurant associations
  • Hotel and lodging Association
  • Companies that do business or support hospitality and tourism oriented businesses.
  • Hospitality oriented schools and colleges
  • Timeshare industry
  • Gaming and Casino industry
  • Cruise industry
  • Private club industry

Who should attend?

  • Business ownership
  • Corporate executive officers
  • General managers
  • Operations managers
  • Senior managers
  • Sales team members
  • Chefs and culinary team members
  • Food and beverage directors
  • Supervisors
  • Operational staff members, FOH & BOH
  • Organizational developers
  • Customer service trainers
  • HR department members


Simple Process


"The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."
Albert Einstein