The Customer Happiness Wheelbarrow

 Business Coaching For Hospitality Executives, Hotel Senior Management, and high potential development.

Anatomy of an Old Standard Made New

The simple wheelbarrow dates back to around 400 B.C. and is still a standard work-tool used in building projects throughout the world. Without this simple and ingenious tool, many of the world’s greatest structures would not exist. It was designed to carry a load greater than any one individual acting alone could support. But with it, a single person can move giant mountains/business enterprises, in small bits with great ease.

This coaching process is for helping hospitality organizations, to Better develop leverage in building a foundation culture for delivering customer happy results.

We know that many projects never get off the ground because they are difficult to conceptualize and achieve organizational buy-in.  We have developed this unique concept to enable you to visualize the connections between the parts of your organization and how they might relate to one another when it comes to your organizational culture and creating customer engagement.

We have equated each part of the wheelbarrow to the core aspects of successfully aligned with your, business model, business strategies, employee engagement, and the core principles of the business brand. It is a tool by which we move heavy objects that could not ordinarily be moved by hand alone, as a way of properly delivering a customer focus value proposition of your enterprise, for achieving brand relevance, as well as customer/brand loyalty.

Defining the Requirements

Perhaps you need to better define or reestablish the foundation of the businesses core value systems,  as it relation to the customer segments of your business .

To start the process moving forward with a business appraisal to properly index the customer experience dynamics of the business, or opportunity for achieving stronger brand and customer loyalty.  We help you develop the proper business strategies for the job, load it, help lay out the plans for finishing the project, and then help maintain the customer experience management systems as well.
The handles the leader grabs are (Left ) for creativity and innovation, the (Right ) logical and analytical thinking. They create the connection from leadership to management, and from management through the rest of the organization. In order to move a project or organization forward, there has to be simplicity of a common purpose and values synergy that empowers organizational clarity and a high level of leadership intuition of judgment for creating balance that helps to define the alignment and commitments for creating a great guest experience.


Moving Organizations Forward By Creating Customer Happiness Leverage

In order to move forward with less effort, the hospitality enterprise has to contain several important moving and supportive parts that need to be in good working order for maintaining a strong connection with your organization and supporting customer initiatives.

The Spokes of the wheel can be considered the core principles of the business, that create a cornerstone for the customer experience to be built upon that aligns properly with the brand values and promise of the business brand. It has to be properly calibrated, balanced, and maintained on the basis upon which all forward moving can take place from.
In order for the wheel to move forward, it has to have an axle connecting it to the wheel. The axel connecting everything is the trust dynamics of your entire organization and business. Before it can be earned from the outside, it must be given and honed on the inside of the organization, so that trust in brand can be achieved with your customers.
Old wooden wheels had spokes that supported the wheel and axle, as well as the rim. In this business strategy approach around the cultural system for achieving customer and employee engagement , the rims are considered as organizational accountability that holds the core principles and trust of the enterprise together. Nothing meaningful happens without measuring accountability. That requires clarity on multiple levels.
During the building process when the workers need to take a break or while plans are being revised, the wheelbarrow may not be empty. It still has to have a proper leadership and organizational support structure. Braces keep the wheelbarrow from tipping over and maintains proper buy-in, as well as leadership leverage. That is the management team aspect of the organization. This key area of wheelbarrow process shifts or pivots  from a leadership and management model of command and control to collaborative relationships with a strong focus on empowerment and engagement for delivering the integrity of the initiative. When melded within the entire organization, it translates more readily to meet the expectations of your customers.
Many building materials/business elements go in the hopper. That go into building the businesses value proposition for delivering the total customer experience. The hopper can be considered as the makeup of company’s operational and front line teams which make up the strength and durability of the organization. When properly supported and maintained, they keep issues from falling out and creating overwhelming mounds of problems for the customer and the business, that may have to be moved by other more difficult and costly means.
Across time and space of moving large amounts of materials, something nearly unseen has to hold it all together. A series of bolts is used, without which the tool would fall apart. The security of this cultural model is the business systems and processes that are in proper alignment with the entire organization, and the level of integrity which they stand on. To insure that they maintain structural integrity, the engagement bolts must be kept in alignment with what’s in the best interest of the customer first and foremost, and then how can this properly secure that the brand values are delivered.
Wheels with flat tires do not go very far and have to have air pressure in them. That is represented by the energy level of the brand, and is reflective of the energy level of the entire organization. That is gained by this holistic approach to clarity through engagement and simple conscious awareness of all of the elements taken into account in your hospitality enterprise, that needs to be defined and delivered. The higher the level of energy, trust, and engagement, the better the customer connection can be created for sustaining Brand and customer loyalty which leads to higher KPI performance.

 Five-Star’s Customer Experience leadership and management development, success can be at your front door, by just taking the right steps for your Business.